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Adaptation training services


Adaptation training services include advice, counselling and training for the persons with disabilities and their families to support social capabilities. Adaptation training services can be organised individually or for groups. In some situations, the training can be organised in the home of the person with disabilities.

At discretion, the adaptation training services can include the following:

  • supporting communication and communication methods
  • support for mobility and the use of services
  • training for independent living
  • getting a driving licence
  • training related to relationships and sexual matters
  • support for social activity opportunities

The wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland offers this service starting from 1 January 2023.


The service is meant for persons with a disability and their family who need advice, counselling or guidance regarding dealing with a disability or illness. Persons with a disability can get help from adaptation training services based on an individual assessment of service needs. The content of the adaptation training is always determined case by case based on the needs of the customer.

User instruction

Apply for the adaptation training services at the social services or the disability services of your municipality of residence. The employee of the disability services will help you.

Service channels

Sosiaalitoimisto, Aura