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Invoicing addresses and instructions

Addresses and instructions for purchase invoices of the wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland as of January 1 2023.

The following things listed on this page must be taken into account in the purchase invoices addressed to the wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland for deliveries and services completed after January 1, 2023.

If you need further information or advice, please contact:

The recipient

The recipient must be named as:

The wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland
Business ID: 3221065-1 (FI32210651)

On line billing address

Only electronic invoices will be accepted, paper invoices will be rejected.

On line billing address of the wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland: 003732210651

Our electronic invoice operator is Basware, whose operator code is BAWCFI22.

  • Business ID: 3221065-1
  • VAT number: FI32210651
  • The Organizational Data Transfer Code (OVT-tunnus): 003732210651

If the biller has no online invoicing system, we will accept invoices through the charge-free Basware supplier

The following information must be stated on the invoice

  • The biller's name and contact information (address, phone number, e-mail address)
  • The biller's business ID and bank connection (IBAN)
  • The date of the invoice
  • Invoice number (N.B. Individual/sequential numbers)
  • Order number or the number of the decision
  • Cost centre and the name of the orderer: if the cost centre / name of the orderer is not known, the matter must be verified by the ordering unit
  • Information specifying the orderer: cost center or the name of the subscriber
  • Product or service the invoice relates to (product name and code)
  • Unit price
  • Total sum of the invoice
  • VAT basis and reference to the relevant provision of the VAT or VAT Directive (§ 130, § 34, § 36 or § 37)
  • The reference number of the invoice
  • Due date of the invoice: without a separate agreement Varha adheres to the 30-day payment term.

Both the supplier's and subscriber's VAT -numbers and grounds for tax exemption should always be stated on invoices arriving from EU-countries (intra-community supply/ community sales, or reverse charge, i.e. reversed tax liability)

Please also note

  • The total order sum may not be exceeded without the subscriber's written consent
  • separate billing of other charges/ extra fees is not accepted
  • late payment interests are determined by the current interest laws.