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Regional Emergency Services

The Emergency Services serve professionally, quickly and equally.

The Southwest Finland Emergency Services are responsible for rescue services in the whole county, the 27 westernmost municipalities and the archipelago. The operating area of the Emergency Services covers approximately 20 000 square kilometres, of which almost half is waters.

In the province, there are ten fire stations on standby 24h and three fire stations on standby 8h. Additionally, there is an active contract fire brigade network of almost 70 volunteer fire departments in the area.

The basic tasks of the Emergency Services include rescuing and protecting people, property, animals and the environment. In addition, preventing accidents and promoting a culture of safety are essential for the Emergency Services.

The Emergency Services provide emergency medical services in five municipalities: Turku, Kaarina, Raisio, Pargas and Naantali. The regional Emergency Services have a total of 12 ambulances on standby around the clock.

The vision of the Emergency Services: The Southwest Finland Emergency Services is an evolving national trendsetter in the field and provides high-quality rescue, safety and emergency medical services.

Mission: In Southwest Finland, the rescue, safety and medical emergency services are provided professionally, equally and quickly at all hours.

The Values of the Emergency Services: Professionally, quickly, equally