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Distribution of care accessories


The free distribution of care accessories aids those with long-term illness at home and in service flats. It helps your stay, performance and care at home.

The free accessories and supplies to be distributed include, for instance:

  • the accessories for diabetics and patients with a fistula.
  • the accessories for the treatment of patients with a legwound or bedsores.
  • accessories for severe or moderate symptoms of weakened continence.
  • accessories needed in the treatment of some other long-term illnesses (for instance, hypofunction of the lungs and tracheostomy.)

The wellbeing services county of South-West Finland will provide this service from 1.1.2023 onwards.


The decision on the distribution of care accessories is made by a doctor or a health care professional. As a rule, the precondition is that the illness is of a long term, in other words, over three months in duration.

User instruction

Contact the health station in your town of residence for the determination of your need of care accessories.

Service channels

Diabeteshoitajan vastaanotto, Loimaa

Diabeteshoitajan vastaanotto, Raisio

Diabetesvastaanotto, Parainen