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Family mediation


The mediators provide help and support, at request, as conflicts occur in the family.

Family mediation is used most often as the parents are contemplating divorce or have already decided to get divorced. Mediation may also be used after the divorce if the family needs the support of a mediator in adjusting the new life situation.

The aim of the mediation is to create a confidential and open communication connection between the family members and support the family so they get an understanding of how to solve the conflicts.

In the mediation, you will have discussions lead by the mediator. The mediators are impartial and their task is to make sure that the decision the parents make correspond to the needs of the child as well as possible. The mediators help the participants find a suitable way to be parents and to collaborate as parents also after the divorce.

The reconciliation achieved with the mediator can be confirmed as enforceable with the child supervisor.

The wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland offers this service starting from 1 January 2023.


Family mediation is voluntary, confidential and free of charge. The mediation is based on the willingness and motivation of the participants.

User instruction

Contact the family counselling or the family law services of your municipality of residence. The child and family counselling services are meant for families with children.

Service channels

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