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Physiotherapy services


Physiotherapy improves and helps maintain health and the ability to move and function.

You might need physiotherapy due to an illness or a sequela, congenital disability, accident or the lowering of the functional ability due to ageing.

With physiotherapy, the main focus point is individual guidance and advice. The physiotherapist will give you personal instructions for independent exercising.

The wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland offers this service starting from 1 January 2023.

Charge information

The customer fee is based on the customer fee guidelines of The wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland.


In order to get physiotherapy, you need a referral from a physician at the health and social services centre, school and student health care or another service provider in the public health care.

User instruction

Once you have a referral, you can contact the physiotherapy services of your municipality of residence. To get a referral, contact the health and social services centre of your municipality of residence.

You may also get a referral for the physiotherapy for working age people and the elderly from occupational health care or the school or student health care. You may get a referral for children's physiotherapy also from the child welfare clinic or the school health care.

Service channels

Fysioterapia, aikuiset, Turku

Fysioterapia, Kaarina

Fysioterapia, Kemiönsaari

Fysioterapia, Loimaa

Fysioterapia, Paimio-Sauvo

Fysioterapia, Parainen

Fysioterapia, Parainen, Houtskari

Fysioterapia, Parainen, Iniö