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Service coordination for immigrants


At social services for immigrants, you will receive counselling on actions and services promoting integration, as well as on working life. The social workers and the refugee mentor will give you counselling. When you first become a client, a preliminary interview and assessment of your service needs will be conducted.

The social services for immigrants will give you extensive counselling on various sectors in life. The counselling includes issuing basic information on the Finnish society and its service system. You will receive information on your rights and duties in the Finnish society.

The social workers and the refugee mentor cooperate with various networks to aid you with your errands. If necessary, the social workers will counsel you on matters related to residence and travel documents, passports and family reunification. The refugee mentor will counsel you on everyday issues, related to, among other things, your living and economy. The mentor will also assist you in filling in forms, if necessary. The service also includes the making of complementary and preventive income security decisions.

The wellbeing services county of South-West Finland will provide this service from 1.1.2023 onwards.


The service is free of charge.

User instruction

Contact the social services in your own town of residence.

Service channels

Asiakasohjaus Soihtu Kemiö-Parainen

Asiakasohjaus Soihtu Salo-Somero

Asiakasohjaus Soihtu Turku

Asiakasohjaus Soihtu Vakka-Suomi