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Social welfare day activities

Social welfare day activities support the participation and interaction of a person with disabilities. They can be organised in groups or individually. Primarily, the service will be organised outside the home, but in special cases also at home.

The social welfare day activities are extensive and versatile. It can be, for instance, taking indoor or outdoor exercise, recreational activities, practising daily skills, creative activities, art and culture or handicrafts.

The wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland offers this service starting from 1 January 2023.

Charge information

A small maintenance fee can be charged for the day activities, for example a meal fee.


The disability services social workers are responsible for provisioning the service and drafting service plans.

User instruction

You will be directed to the social welfare day activities service via a service need assessment. Contact the disability services of your municipality of residence.

Service channels

Elämäntaitovalmennus, Turku

Monitoimikeskus Tikli, Kaarina

Palveluyksikkö Mocca serviceenhet

Perniön toimintakeskus, Salo

Salon työ- ja toimintakeskus, Salo

Toimintakeskus, Somero