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Social welfare transport services

The transport services are meant for persons who have special problems with mobility and cannot use public transport due to a disability or illness.

The transport service means the use of an ordinary taxi or a disabled taxi or a stretcher taxi. The transport service can be granted for business and free time travel as well as for commuting and study trips. The exact number, content and additional services of the trips will be determined separately based on the needs of the client.

If necessary, an assistant can also be provided along with the transport service. On the grounds of special reasons, the client may also be given the right to use the same taxi driver.

The wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland offers this service starting from 1 January 2023.

Charge information

The service is otherwise free of charge for the client, but the client pays a deductible based on public rates.


The service is for persons with serious disabilities with special difficulties with mobility outside the home and who are unable to use the public transport services without unreasonable difficulties.

Granting the transport service is based on a service need assessment made in cooperation with the client.

User instruction

The service is granted based on the Act on Disability Services and Assistance. Contact the disability services of your municipality of residence.

Service channels

Sosiaalipalvelujen neuvonta, Lieto

Sosiaalitoimisto, Aura

Vammaispalveluiden toimipiste, Salo