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Support person and support family activities


Your child can be assigned a support person or family as part of the social work for families with children, as decided by the social worker.

The aim of the support family activities is to support your child and the well-being of your whole family. Most commonly, the child will spend one weekend per month at the support family.

The relationships with the support family can help your child cope with life changes. If implemented in the long term, the support family activities can also increase stability in the life of your child.

In the support family, regular activities are done. Your child will have new stimulus, friends and relationships with adults who support the growth of your child. At the same time, the support family activities will help you cope as a parent as you get a chance to breathe.

The goals of the support family activities will be defined individually. The support person can, for instance, support your child with social skills, activities in daily life or everyday skills or self-knowledge. Usually, the child will meet the support person approximately once per week.

The wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland offers this service starting from 1 January 2023.


The support person or family will be assigned based on the decision of the social worker.

User instruction

Contact your social worker. If your family is currently not a customer of the social services, you can contact the social services of your municipality of residence.

Service channels

Perheohjaaja, Aura

Sosiaalipalvelujen neuvonta, Lieto

Sosiaalitoimisto, Aura