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Contact information

Social and Health Services switchboard (Turku), tel. 02 266 0000
Social and Health Services switchboard (other areas), tel. 02 772 3111
Tyks Hospital Services switchboard, tel. 02 313 0000
Southwest Finland Emergency Services switchboard tel. 02 263 3111
Fax: 02 313 3613
Postal address: (receiving unit or function), POB 52, 20521 TURKU
E-mail: xvewnnzb@ineun.svif.ahrav@omaajrik
E-mail form: svefganzr.ynfganzr@ineun.svif.ahrav@emantsal.emantsrif if not otherwise mentioned

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Search for contact information for individual employees. Please note that not all of our employees can be found in the search.