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News Published on 15.1.2024, 08:00

Distribution of TYKS Foundation research grants to a new level in 2024


In 2024, the TYKS Foundation will allocate significantly more money to medical and health sciences research than before. This is enabled by significant donations received by the Foundation.

Tyksin T-sairaalan aula.


In 2024, the Board of the TYKS Foundation will grant a record amount of EUR 300,000 for research (EUR 143,800 in 2023). At this stage, the Board of the Foundation will allocate EUR 250,000 as grants. In addition, EUR 50,000 has been earmarked for travel grants during 2024.

We are very pleased to be able to support research with an increased grant amount. The TYKS Foundation has outlined its grant policy to specifically target its support for research and promising young researchers in the early stages of their research career. The majority of the grant receivers are doctoral researchers, says Minna Lukkarinen, Executive Director of the TYKS Foundation, Specialist in Paediatrics.

In this allocation, 42 medical and 13 nursing and health science researchers receive grants for research and nine researchers as travel grants.

The TYKS Foundation extensively supports studies in medicine, nursing and health sciences that benefit the development of science and patient care. The following list contains interesting and current research topics from various fields:

Doctoral researchers in medicine

  • MD Hanna Björn, Paediatrics. Impact of antibiotic treatment of acute middle ear infection on the child's microbiota (EUR 4,000)
  • MD Antti Hurme, Infectious Diseases. Long COVID pathophysiology and long-term monitoring, as well as COVID immune response (EUR 5,000)
  • MD Sini Keskinen, Medical Genetics. Hereditary pancreatic cancer susceptibility in Southwest Finland Wellbeing Services County (EUR 5,000)
  • MD Karita Kohtala, Orthopaedics and Traumatology. Effectiveness of treatment from the patient's perspective in orthopaedic surgery (EUR 3,000)
  • MD, B.Sc. Katarina Korpinen, Pathology. Predicting the course of aggressive breast cancer (EUR 3,000)
  • MD Sakari Kosola, Oncology. New prognostic markers and medicinal targets for kidney cancer (EUR 3,000)
  • MD Ina Lehtonen, Gynaecology. Treatment of symptoms of benign uterine growths with MRI-HIFU treatment (EUR 5,000)
  • MD Heidi Maironen, Abdominal Surgery. APPAC IV antibiotic vs. placebo in mild appendicitis outpatient treatment (EUR 5,000)
  • PA Jessica Tikkala, Clinical Microbiology. Tick-borne encephalitis during the general vaccination programme in Finland (EUR 5,000)
  • PA Nelli Tuomola, Endocrinology. Effect of fatty liver on metabolism (EUR 5,000)

Senior Medical Researchers

  • D.Med.Sc. Anu Huurre, Pediatric Haematology. Changes in intestinal microbes in children with cancer (EUR 5,000)
  • D.Med.Sc. Aino Lammintausta, Pulmonary Diseases. Treatment of sleep apnoea in older people, factors affecting CPAP device treatment (EUR 5,000)

Doctoral researchers in nursing science and health sciences

  • MHSc, RN Anna-Sofia Korteniemi, Paediatrics. Competence of nurses participating in the supplementary training for Children's Intensive Care and Monitoring (EUR 3,000)
  • MSc. Petra Parviainen, PET Centre Register study on the risk assessment of Alzheimer's disease of healthy persons, based on early amyloid accumulation and data processing activities (EUR 5,000)
  • MHSc, psychotherapist Sari Venho, Nursing Science. Missing care of patients with complex emotional trauma (EUR 5,000)

Travel grants

  • D.Med.Sc. Anna-Maija Kujari, Paediatrics: Two-month study of the research work at the Children's Emergency Clinic at St.Mary's Hospital in London (EUR 5,000)
  • PhD, hospital physicist Pauliina Wright, Medical Physics. Collaborative study with Oslo University Hospital on modelling the adverse effects of radiotherapy in the head and neck area (EUR 5,000)
  • MHSc Maija Satamo, Nursing Science. Participation and poster in the ISRII 12th Annual Meeting, 20 Years of ISRII: Reflection, Celebration, and the Future, 2-5.6.2024, Limerick, Irlanti.. Use of game intervention in persons with psychotic disorder (EUR 1,000)

See grant receivers (in Finnish):

The TYKS Foundation publishes the progress of previously funded studies as researcher stories on its website, at The Foundation's website contains, for example, the 2023 research and travel grant receivers’ D.Med.Sc., ML Juha Knaapila's urology-related, as well as MSc Akseli Reunamo's artificial intelligence research-related articles on the significance of the grant. 

In April-May, the Foundation will award the Jarmo Karppi Researcher Award for the first time.