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Oral health care for students


Oral health care services for students are meant for students at high schools and vocational schools.

The oral health care services for students include health counseling, examinations and treatment of the mouth and teeth as per the student's personal needs. They also include a personal treatment plan based on the findings of the examinations. The plan entails self treatment as well.

Finnish Student Health Service is in charge of the oral health care for university and UAS students.


High school and vocational school students may use the oral healthcare services for students. The treatment provided by the wellbeing services county is free for minors.

User instruction

Contact the oral health care services in your own town of residence.

Service channels

Alastaron hammashoitola, Loimaa

Auran hammashoitola

Dentalia, Turku

Eurocityn hammashoitola, Turku

Halikon hammashoitola, Salo

Hirvikosken hammashoitola, Loimaa

Ihalan hammashoitola, Raisio

Ilmaristen hammashoitola, Lieto