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Social counseling for the service for the disabled


Social counseling for the service for the disabled will help you find the services, that support your everyday life. It aims to improve your conditions for an independent life.

Social counseling is based on a client plan and is a goal-directed, fixed-term and intensive service, that focuses on the services you need. Social counseling includes appointments at the office, house calls and running necessary errands for the client at other services and locations. Furthermore, social counseling will stay in touch with the client via phone calls, messages and various online connections.

The wellbeing services county of South-West Finland will provide this service from 1.1.2023 onwards.


Social counseling will be put into practice in various ways according to the client's needs. A written decision will be devised for the client, stating the content and the duration of the service, as well as the purpose for which it is granted.

User instruction

Usually you will get referred to social counseling by service need assessment. Contact the services for the disabled in your town of residence.

Service channels

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