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Coronavirus epidemic

On this page you will find updated information on the coronavirus and the epidemic from the perspective of the Wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland.

Situation in Southwest Finland

Updated 24 January 2023

The regional corona prevention group of Southwest Finland stopped its activities. Three disease epidemics are still ongoing, but their prevalence has subsided.

The incidence of the coronavirus in Southwest Finland has dropped significantly. The most recent 14-day incidence per 100,000 people is 32.

Influenza and RS virus epidemics are also subsiding. The peak of the influenza A epidemic was reached at the turn of the year and the peak of the RS virus epidemic at the epiphany. Influenza B findings have been rare so far.

On Tuesday 24 January 2023, the regional corona prevention group met for the last time for now.

Coronavirus vaccines

The Hospital District delivers the majority of vaccines upon arrival to the municipalities in southwest Finland, which are responsible for performing the vaccinations. In southwest Finland, the number of vaccine doses distributed to the municipalities according to nationally defined criteria.

Vaccinations are given in accordance with the Government decree and THL's draft vaccination schedule. The data of the vaccinations given are reported compiledly in the Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) vaccination register, which also shows the progress of vaccinations in Southwest Finland.

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Recommendations for Southwest Finland

Recommendations according to the spread phase are in use in Southwest Finland. All recommendations are valid in all of Southwest Finland for the time being, unless otherwise noted.

Coronavirus tests etc.

Coronavirus tests

The result of the coronavirus test is usually reported from the Tyks laboratory within 1-2 days of sampling. Samples are analyzed every day of the week. The completion of samples taken outside Turku is also affected by transport schedules.

As a rule, the answer comes by text message from the party from whom the referral for sampling was received. The test result is also reported in the Omakanta service. If the response is delayed by more than two days, it is advisable to contact the party from whom the referral was made.

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The regional corona prevention group of Southwest Finland

The regional corona prevention group of Southwest Finland ceased operations on 24.1.2023.