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Do this if you suspect coronavirus infection

Usually you can treat a coronavirus infection (COVID-19) at home in accordance with the symptoms, like other sudden respiratory infections. In the event of severe symptoms such as shortness of breath or a deterioration in your general condition – or if you belong to the severe coronavirus infection risk group – contact your health care provider.

Ill at home

If you fall ill, we recommend you stay at home until the symptoms have clearly declined and you no longer have a fever. Generally three to five days are required. If you must leave your home while ill, you can use a mask if you wish.

A child can go to school or the daycare centre when the symptoms have clearly declined, there is no longer a fever, and the child’s general condition has improved so s/he can participate in instruction or early childhood education.

A vaccination is the best protection against severe coronavirus disease.

If your home test is positive, it is usually unnecessary to verify the result with testing completed in public health care.

Observe the instructions of your workplace in reporting your absence due to illness.

Read more: Instructions for those who have a respiratory infection (in Finnish)

If you have a serious illness or medication that predisposes you to coronavirus infection, follow the instructions of your attending physician or ask the health centre or your own attending physician for more information to start, for example, antiviral medication.

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If you have been exposed to the coronavirus

Persons who are symptom-free need not take a coronavirus sample. You can continue your daily life and act the same way as you would if you had been exposed to some other respiratory infection such as influenza. This means that it is all right to go to work, school, a daycare centre and take part in hobbies and activities, for instance, even if there a coronavirus infection in your family.

If you get symptoms after exposure, read the instructions under “Ill at home”.

More information about the coronavirus: Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and coronavirus disease (COVID-19) (THL)

COVID-19 testing

In the first instance, no formal test is required, but you can take a home test if you wish. A home test does not need to be certified by a health care provider.
If you have severe symptoms and cannot cope at home, please contact your health centre or the national emergency number 116 117.
If you belong to the risk group of severe corona virus, you can contact your health centre with a low threshold.

A positive home test does not need to be confirmed by an official corona test. If you are in the Paxlovid target group and your home test is negative, but you still suspect corona, contact your health centre or occupational health.

Instructions for home testing are available on the THL (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare) website:

This is how you perform a coronavirus home test (THL / YouTube) (in Finnish, subtitles in English).


If you have symptoms of coronavirus disease