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Health certificate services


Should you need a health certificate, for example, for your driver's license or a new job, you can get one from your occupational healthcare, or your local health station. You can get a health certificate for a young person also from your school health service and student healthcare.

The well-being services county of South-West Finland will provide this service from 1.1.2023 onwards.

User instruction

Contact the health station, or occupational healthcare in your town of residence. Schoolgoers and students may contact their school health service and student healthcare.

Service channels

Kirkkotie health station, Turku

Mäntymäki health station, Turku

Merimaskun terveysasema, Naantali

Naantalin terveysasema, Naantali

Runosmäki health station, Turku

Rymättylän terveysasema, Naantali

The City Centre Health Station, Turku

Varissuo health station, Turku