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Appointment with a doctor or a nurse


In the area of the wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland, there are basic health care as well as appointments for specialised doctors and nurses available for the inhabitants. The services are provided, for example, at health centres, child welfare clinics and special outpatient clinics. Most services require making an appointment.

During the doctor's appointments, patients are cared for who require non-urgent treatment. Non-urgent treatment must be provided within a set period.

The patient can make an appointment with a nurse for treatment procedures. During the appointment, the nurse can, for example, provide you with a sick leave certificate (sudden upper respiratory tract infection, stomach flu), wound care, stich removal, vaccinations and checking the blood pressure and blood sugar of a patient who is under observation. The patient will also receive advice regarding health and illnesses.


The doctor and nurse's appointments are meant for the inhabitants of the county. The admission will be gained if there is a need for treatment as determined by a health care professional.

User instruction

Contact the health centre of your municipality of residence.

Service channels

Alastaron terveysasema, Alastaro

Astmahoitaja, Laitila

Auran terveysasema, Aura

Diabeteshoitaja, Laitila

Diabeteshoitaja, Paimio ja Sauvo