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Checking your health records


Everyone has the right to check their own or their dependent child's health and treatment records, that are recorded in the medical records archives.

Entries related to your treatment can also be viewed on Kela's MyKanta -online service.

The wellbeing services county of South-West Finland will provide this service from 1.1.2023 onwards.


If your request regards a public document, you don't need to give any reasons for the request, and the person, who made the request doesn't have to tell what the information will be used for. If the request regards a classified document(s), and the data is presentable only on certain, specific grounds, the person making the request has to disclose the purpose of the use of the information and identify themself. The lifetime records of a deceased person will be presented only on justifiable grounds.

User instruction

Contact the health station in your town of residence to view your health records. Should you notice a mistake, or something missing, contact the healthcare unit or pharmacy, that has been treating you and is responsible for the recording of your data. You may ask, for example, the Data Protection Officer or Patient Ombudsperson for advice.

You may view entries related to your treatment also on Kela's MyKanta -online service. Kela can not correct any information.

Service channels

Terveysasema, Naantali