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The curator supports you, for instance, with your family situation, problems at school, interaction and issues regarding human relationships.

Among student welfare curators are the school curators in elementary and lower secondary schools, and study curators at high schools and vocational schools. A curator is the social worker at a school, or at an educational institution.

You may consult the curator in matters regarding:

  • friends and human relationships
  • changes in your family situations
  • problems related to your studies (such as a high number of absences, not feeling comfortable at school, or lack of school motivation).

The wellbeing services county of South-West Finland will provide this service from 1.1.2023 onwards.


All students in basic education, high schools and vocational institutions may use the school curator's services.

User instruction

Contact the curator at your own school, high school or educational institution. The curator can be contacted by the child or youth themself, along with the custodian, a person among the school staff, or some other official or organisation.

For more information, see the Wilma or DigiOne service of your own school, high school or educational institution.

Service channels

Alhaisten koulun opiskeluhuolto, Salo

Armfeltin koulun opiskeluhuolto, Salo

Aunelan koulun opiskeluhuolto, Turku

Cygnaeus skola opiskeluhuolto, Turku